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Professional Network Employment and Outsourcing Services

Jobfair Worldwide has revolutionized the way people get employed and find quality employees. For an employer things don't get any better than this. Imagine never having to commit to an employee or pay bogus overheads. Even better you don't pay unless your work has been done correctly and in terms with your contract. For the Freelancer this is the best place possible on the web to be. That is because is the only place online that you can come and have instant access to all the places on the internet to get paid for your skill for free. Not to mention you will get all programs and downloads for free as well. Jobfair Worldwide is truly your one stop shop for online employment.

Outsourcing Services


Training and Education

JFWW Outsourcing Services


Jobfair Worldwide offers our customers the skills and services of 70k Skilled Freelancers.

No Job is too big or too small. All contracts carried out by JFWW will be delivered to the highest standards possible for a price that cannot beat.


Data Mining

Database Management

Labor Management

Employee Training Service



Website Building

Social Marketing


Video and Animation

Writing and SEO Services


And More


The work that we do can been seen around the world simply by viewing our performance throughout our Network.

JFWW Employment Services


We at Jobfair Worldwide has made it easy for anyone in the world to get a job or start a new career in the field of their choice. Our network has created over a million new high paying jobs and careers in the last 15 Years.


If you are interested in Working as a Freelancer with Jobfair Worldwide and our Affiliate Groups Please fill out screening application below. After doing this you will be contacted with-in 24-48 Business hours by email.


If you have worked as a freelancer before and you do not need to go through and Orientation then please state so as Orientation does have a contribution fee of 46 Pounds and takes approximately 3 hours. You do have a choice to have your Orientation done either in person or over Video Chat. Personal Orientations carry a charge of 40 Pounds an hour if time goes over the three hour Schedule Orientation 

Off line employment is now available speak with your JFWW Raf Agent for more information.

JFWW Training and Education Services


Jobfair Worldwide Offers Training and Education to the public in various ways.


Free Training: Starts with our online courses to get you certified and ready for the work that your new career will entail. It will be followed by our video training programs. Our Training Videos have been put together by members in our network worldwide. We have a variety of specialized fields for you to train in for free.


Paid Training: Starts with one on one interactions with your Tutor or Guide this will be complemented by specialized training videos and hands on assistance for those who need it. Cost for the paid training will vary depending on skill that has to be taught.


Please indicate to us at your Orientation or by Email on our contact page if you require training before you start work. So that we may better assist you.


Jobfair Worldwide Membership Application

Please read carefully prior to signing up for membership with Jobfair Worldwide. We are a Humanitarian Non Governmental Organization. We do not guarantee you employment upon joining. We do personal assessments to test your skills and abilities, after which we place you based on your performance levels determined at your evaluation at one of our JFWW Network Offices. We do employment placements in the following three platforms: Online, Localized (In your country) and Internationally (Outside of Your Country). All persons wishing to work internationally are required to provide legal documentation to prove that they qualify to work in the country they are targeting employment. The JFWW Network will assist in all filing services and applications for entry and employment in the country that you wish to work or further your education.


Persons of all ages may join the JFWW Network  as we facilitate Human Development on all Levels. However person Under 18 Years of age are required to provide parental approval prior to your application being approved. All persons under 18 years of age may submit a copy of their parental approval letter by uploading it on the application below along with a copy of the parents ID as well as their own. We will then process your application. Please be advised that due to strict screening processes your application may take up to one week before you are invited into our office for your official membership interview. 

Membership to the JFWW Network Cost $60 usd per year or its equivalent in your local currency. Please note that all membership fees are considered contributions towards the JFWW Network Programs and is Non-Refundable. 


All information provided on this application with Jobfair Worldwide will not be shared outside of our Network for any purpose  other than employment services. 

By filling out this Membership application you hereby agree that you have read and accepted our terms of service and you are hereby ready to commit yourself towards our programs to develop yourself as a Professional within the JFWW Network of Freelancers.

Upon filing out this Application You hereby agree that all information given is true and correct. All persons violating this clause will be subject to termination of membership immediately. 


Provided you agree to these terms and conditions we welcome your application for membership into our network.


Thank You

Jobfair Worldwide Management  

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