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Mini Captain

Founder and Philanthropist: JFWW Emergency Intervention & Family Services Center

Founder: JFWW-EIFSC Office Canada

Intellectually Savvy Business Executive Mini Captain is a genuine human being and a Gem to all who have the honor of meeting her. 30 years of working experience in the staffing industry has enabled Miss Captain to make great strides in the world of International Call Centers in which she single handedly built her company Contact Solutions Incorporated as a woman in a the industry. Contact Solutions Incorporated continues to grow as a profitable investment under Miss Captain’s guidance.

During Miss Captain’s decades of work on an Interpersonal Level with thousands of people across the world whom she has employed and trained. Miss Captain developed a deep appreciation for the people whom she assisted with a positive work environment. It is Miss Captain’s belief that people are the greatest assets to any business or organization, regardless of the industry or size.

Miss Captain has always dreamed of building a Support Center for Women who have been severely affected by Domestic Violence. That Dream is now a reality as the birth of the JFWW Emergency Intervention & Family Services Center is expected no later than June of 2021 in Guyana.


Anthony Snow

Founder and Managing Director: Jobfair Worldwide

Founder and CEO: Guyana Network

Co-Founder: JFWW Emergency Intervention & Family Services Centre Guyana


Mr. Anthony Snow is the Founder of the Jobfair Worldwide Humanitarian Organization and Managing Director of the JFWW Network Board. With a background of over 20 Years of Human Resource Experience along with a family history of Humanitarian Activism and a Love for the Culinary Arts, Mr. Snow is poised to make a difference.


A son of Guyanese soil Anthony Snow is committed to the improvement of the quality of life for the people of Guyana. So much his network has been operating in Guyana as of 2004 and he has assisted thousands of Guyanese with practical life change solutions. Social Media Personally, Host, Tradesman, Chef and Father, Mr. Snow brings a Balance of Practical Knowledge to the forefront at a time when bureaucracy has left many people struggling to survive.


Being no stranger to a hard life, Mr. Snow is here to help and Assist other human beings that have found themselves in need of positive guidance.    

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Sabrina Rampersad

D.V. Intervention Counsellor and Paralegal: JFWW Emergency Intervention & Family Services Center


Being a Social Justice Advocate for the Hindu Youth Arm of the Devi Mandir, in Pickering Ontario Canada. Sabrina Rampersad graduated as a Paralegal, with credentials in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Principled Negotiations from Centennial College in Toronto Canada. Ms. Rampersad’s professional services is currently retained by the Provincial Government of Ontario.

Ms. Rampersad is eager to provide this long awaited service as part of the JFWW Emergency Intervention & Family Services Center Community Outreach Program. Especially in the Women’s Empowerment Workshops.


Chris Reece

General Manager: JFWW Emergency Intervention & Family Services Center

Program Coordinator: (Computer Sciences Workshop)


                Talented and disciplined Mr. Reece has earned his place as the General Manager for the JFWW Network Outlet in Guyana where he manages the distribution of a multitude of Network Services to the JFWW Network Members in Guyana.

                “I welcome you to visit my Office in Guyana and get to know our network. You may be surprised how helpful we are.”


George Correia

Co-Founder and Philanthropist Jobfair Worldwide

Founder and CEO: New York USA Network


From humble beginnings to a life-long mission for human rights George Emmanuel Corriea.

Network Philanthropist George E. Correia started out as a young man growing up in post-colonial Guyana. Throughout that era in Guyanese history the country was plunged into racial and political upheavals. Many of which were instrumental in segregating the people of Guyana. George Correia was called to action due to the suffering he has seen happening to his people. He decided to further himself   

Mr. Correia has a background in Marine Engineering, Security, History, Theology and Sanitation. Smart enough to invest wisely Mr. Correia amassed wealth through real estate assets. Currently Mr. Correia is using his Life’s resources as a means to help and assist persons in Guyana to get a house and a piece of land for them to call home. For these reasons, George Correia is often called “George of Guyana”. Forever to be known as a True Patriot of his Country. Mr. Correia is honored to be of assistance to his people and all other human beings.


Joyce Arjoon

Program Coordinator (Facilities Coordinator)


Whenever you need something to look it’s best. You call Joyce. With more than 25 years in the Events Planning Industry in Canada, Ms. Arjoon has organized events such as the Trinidad Flood Relief, Chutney Fest, Various Beauty Pageants, and Food Fairs.


Ms. Arjoon’s strengths in Art and Design has helped her excel her career into participating in some of the biggest events in Canada. Designing Costumes, organizing concerts with some of the biggest artist in the world. Ms. Arjoon is here to assist the JFWW Emergency Intervention & Family Services Center to be it’s best and look it’s best.

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