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Frequently Asked Questions?

Jobfair Worldwide or JFWW as we are known is a company that believes in transparency, honesty, determination and working smarter as well as harder. It is our commitment to educating, employing and encouraging persons around the world who have been set back in life due to systematic social programming. JFWW understands that over 60% of our planet is still unequipped for adequate development in an age when technology has connected the planet. JFWW has built a system of interfaces that will allow anyone in the world to gain access directly to immediate employment as well as free training for the relevant trades. So we are pleased to offer our services to you. The next step will require you to put the work in.

How do I get started?

Step 1: Please Go to Sign Up Page and fill out application.


Step 2: Get your Appointment date and attend your Orientation


Step 3: Items that you should walk with to your Orientation Session:

             Valid Identification, Proof of Address, Your C.V. if you are seeking employment. 

             16GB or Higher Flash Drive depending on your Profession. 


Step 4: You will be introduced to your JFWW Network Coach who will guide you as you

            develop within the Network. 


            JFWW Network Membership is 46 GBP Per Year. All finances earned goes towards

            the development and implementation of the Network Programs you benefit from as

            a JFWW Member.

If I do get an online job, how will I receive payments? Paypal doesn't receive in my country.

The JFWW Payment Gateway System is the remedy. Jobfair Worldwdie is PAYONEER Power Network with access to their Mastercard Services, Jobfair Members transact business fluently across the internet. We will advise you on how to acquire one so that you can withdraw your online payments at ATM machines anywhere in the world and make online purchases if necessary. With feature that allow you to do business on popular sites like, and a host of other great sites to work on. 

How long does it take to find an online job?

That depends on what qualification you have.  If you're without computer skills we will have one of our PARTNER company provide the training you will need.  Most people are lucky enough to get jobs on the first day, others, one week to a month after signing up

How do I increase my chances of getting hired?

The single most important thing you can do to attract clients and land jobs is to build an effective, impressive, and accurate profile.  Include all your relevant skills, experience, education, and a professional looking picture. Bring your work to life with a portfolio and build credibility by taking JOBFAIR Worlwide tests. Once you’re hired, do a great job for your client. This will lead to top-notch feedback and new work opportunities.

How long does it take to get your mastercard?

Delivery of your Mastercard will take an average of three weeks.

Shipping is determined by your location.

How old must I be to join Jobfair Worldwide?

The age for Joining JFWW is Sixteen years old. However you must be Eighteen years or age with valid identification to start offering your services as a freelancer or get employed. Members under the age of eighteen will have full access to every other service that JFWW offers with the exception of working internationally as a freelancer.

How is it possible to earn more than I am currently earning?

It is possible to earn way more than you are currently earning through proper network management, and skill based Outsourcing. This allows you to turn the supplemental income of larger more developed nations into the primary income of less developed nations, of which the economy is worst off.


We sincerly hope that your questions have been answered. However if you still have any concerns that you would like to share please feel free to send us a message on the contact us page with the subject heading being FAQ and the Question that you have. 

Jobfair Worldwide is and Equal Opportunity Employer.


All applicants are place account to their qualifications.  

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